China national chemical rubber company focus on eight work this year


On January 16, China chemical rubber co., LTD. 2017 annual work meeting, to focus on the full implementation of assets and business integration, promote passenger tire again listed assets integration and industrial tire the second step, advance new wind god realizing fast smooth transition to the operational control and play a good coordination integration effect and so on eight key work.

Rubber eight key work: one is to accelerate business collaborative integrated, coordinated speed win advance turnround, increase effective improving operation level. Pirelli passenger tire business will focus on tag tyre certification, super high-end market share is growing, global retail layout covering digital transformation, authors, increase efficiency of the five key action, to promote the implementation of the new business plan. Jiaozuo passenger tire joint venture quickly import pirelli core technologies and in global operations management system, increase the proportion of high-margin products, to ensure that the products unit price increased by more than 1 times throughout the year. Asia-pacific industrial tire will be in accordance with the integration of the roadmap and key action, speed up the operation controls. The second is to speed up the assets structure adjustment, improve operational efficiency and the quality; Accelerate the car tire again listed the preparatory work, complete industrial tire assets reorganization; Promote the non-core business and thin body work, increase the zombies and triple the following enterprise clean; Carry out "two gold" special cleaning. Three is for the promotion activities, to promote management mode transformation. Four is the implementation of productivity layout optimization, speed up the upgrading product quality. Five is to strengthen technical resources sharing, and improve the scientific research and innovation ability. Six is pushing forward the construction of the safety factors of system to strengthen the SHE management. Seven is to strengthen the human resource management, international management team. Eight is mechanism innovation risk control system, deepen the party's style of the cultivation of clean government.

In 2016, in the rubber industry demand is still under the situation of no obvious improvement, the company in order to promote synergy integration as the main line, identify assets integrate optimal roadmap, promoting the integration of assets, business. At the same time, vigorously promotes the turnround solution, talent introduction, risk control, cross cultural fusion, such as the key work, further improve the quality of assets and operations, constantly enhance the level of internationalization operation and well finished all the mission objectives. Annual sales income 53.439 billion yuan, up 112% from a year earlier. EBITDA achieve 8.916 billion yuan, profit of 902 million yuan, year-on-year growth.

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